by Nights

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Recorded at Lava Room and Whiteout Audio , Cleveland OH, USA.
Engineered by Jim Stewart. Mixed by Jim Wirt.
Produced by Francesco Maraldo, Jenna Fournier.
Mastered by John Naclerio.

Vocals by Jenna Fournier, Francesco Maraldo, and Ryan Wilkins
Guitar performances by Francesco Maraldo and Jenna Fournier
Bass Guitar performances by Ryan Wilkins
Drum performances by Chris Dalman


released September 26, 2015

No hum-bucker pickups were used on this record.



all rights reserved


Nights Cleveland, Ohio

Propelled by aggressive dynamics, NIGHTS winds through grooves of jostling rhythm and guitar textures. They combine ambient psychedelia and slicing guitar work with haunting, melancholic vocals to deliver chilling performances reminiscent of the early Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine. NIGHTS enchants audiences by shifting from soothing dream-pop to expansive rock orchestration. ... more

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Track Name: Walkaway
As I enter with a sigh, I felt a push from behind.
Through and through with the sound...
..twice removed from my mind.

Before you walk away, will you feel my heart move?
Before you walked away, I could see your feet move.
Before you walk away, we let the beat move us.

And just stare back blindly.
And just stare back, silently.
Track Name: Had a Dollar
Had a party, then it ended. In the morning I felt so empty.
Had a dollar, drank it down. Had a bottle, spent it wrong, but oh....
.. at the bottom I found a friend...
... the kind who likes to trip you up again, and again, and again.

Had a lover, so long ago, who had bad habits that took control.
When my brother left, far away, my father and mother wept.
I was numb to pain.
But, oh, that coldness was yesterday.
You'll notice how they roll today, [the tears], they rain.

I've had some trouble with trusting God.
I know some folks say he's all we got.
I've been a whore with my fears and dreams..
.. sharing my soul with whoever seems to care.
I haven't pulled the gates up anywhere,
but heaven leaves the gates open upstairs, like he cares.
He cares.
Track Name: Mouthful of Sand
Somebody broke your bones. I found you in a hospital.
I thought I could bring you back to life, but they tore you all apart.
You built a wall around your heart and won't let anyone inside.

You kissed my hand with a mouth full of sand,
and left me standing there, sad.
You tasted my tongue with a mouth full of blood,
and left me standing there stunned.
You sent me running from love.

I gave it my best shot, I'm always aiming for the stars...
... but God hung you up too high.
You sit just out of reach and stare down at me, like a tease.
This operation isn't right.

You kissed my hand with a mouth full of sand,
and left me standing there, sad.
You tasted my tongue with a mouth full of blood,
and left me standing there stunned.
You sent me running from love.
Track Name: Butterflies
I've wandered far from home, reading tea leaves and tossing stones.
Remind me what I came to seek?
Tiny beasts encircle me.. [and] pull me into reverie.

Oh! Butterflies!
Knife Teeth, Forked-Tongued, Spoon Eyes!
Oh, Butterflies...
Blood Teeth, Petal-Winged, Moon Eyes.

I fall into the ground among the leaves,
in a patch where sunshine creeps between the trees.
My eyelids show me fire flickering...
[and] tiny shadows dancing on and off the screen....

... Butterflies!
Knife Teeth, Forked-Tongued, Spoon Eyes!
Oh, How they Fly ...
Blood Teeth, Petal-Winged, Moon Eyes.
Track Name: In the Garden
In the garden we have hands, we have hearts.
Away from the shelter, all our bodies fall apart.
And dark calls.
Dark crawls.
Dark crawls all the way to the garden.
Track Name: Glow
I always see the best when I lay on my back,
letting all my thoughts, repressed, melt gently into the underground.
Just tell me what you want; I'll show you just how to get it.
That's if you know at all now.

Let me paint a picture of you.

I'll take you on a trip to cities paved in hues of gold.
I'll show you how to live without your third eye closed.
Just let me lead the way, I'll show you how to get there.
We'll leave behind today now.

Let me paint a picture of you.

The air is alive. She breathes free with you.
We share the silence, wide awake, but never moving,
Hope is irresistible. Lies become truth.
I'm pushed into another realm, but my heart stays with you.

How do you glow, my friend...?
How do you glow?
Track Name: Rosebush
We found a rosebush. Our place was underneath.
We found a garden right beneath our bare feet.

You tried to send a kiss my way, but I was shy.
I let it slip away.
We had it all... the beauty of love around us.
We let it fall, as bright as it was, like stardust.

We'll find a sandbox with our names carved in it.
We'll find a playground where we think our garden ends.
Track Name: Holiday
Its no big secret how you keep things sweet.
I know we've all been told it rots our teeth...
...but you've got such a pretty smile.
It wakes me up inside. I'd hate to see it waste away.

I wish you would save it for the holidays.
I wish you would save it for the parties.
I wish my kiss was enough for you sugar-high.
There's nothing I can say, but you know I'm still going to try.

You're staring down at the ground more...
...maybe listening to secret stories from the floor?
Are you thinking about what to do? Are you getting a sweet-tooth?
I hate to see you waste away, and I hate to make it out like a crime.
I just wish you cared more for your life.
Track Name: Trees
Where I'm from, the sun don't shine, though it sits high up in the sky.
The air is hot, the air is dry, but the hearts are cold of passerby's.
They come to sail, to get away, to let their demons out to play.

The trees, the trees.. are screaming as they sway.
"Hold me, hold me, hold me. Oh!" they beg.
"I need, I need, I need a drink today."
So I break, fold my hands, and pray for rain.

Where I'm from, the girls get 'tuff',
because the drugs aren't weak and the boys play rough.
They keep you up for days or weeks, and when you try to quit,
they come for free. So you sleep away your bad dreams....
..and litter dirty secrets onto dirty streets.

The trees, the trees are screaming as they sway.
"Hold me, hold me, hold me!" Oh, they beg.
"I need, I need, I NEED a drink today."
So I break, fold my hands, and pray for rain.
Track Name: Sunshine
Wake up, and shake your sleepers off!
It seems that we've been dreaming way too long!
It feels more real inside these heads of ours....
...wake up, before all sense is lost.

It starts with the hardest step.

Come out, the sun is shining!
We'll chase the day away!
Just wanna see you smiling... shake your blues away.

Take off the mask you made for yourself.
Your skin breathes in, your lungs fill up with air.
It starts with the hardest step.

We've got stars in our head, marks on our hands.
We're fighting for this.
We've got scars from our past from words that will last on and on.
Track Name: Lullaby
Lay your head down, friend of mine.
I see that you need it, it's in your eyes.
I'll be your lullaby tonight.

Dry off, super-star, before you're dead.
The water's too far over your head.